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# Copyright (c) 2006-2007 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
# DRI: David Reid, dreid@apple.com

import xattr
import zlib
from zlib import decompress

import commands

from twisted.web import microdom

from twistedcaldav.directory.principal import RecordTypeProperty
from twistedcaldav.sql import db_prefix, AbstractSQLDatabase
from twistedcaldav.index import schema_version, collection_types

def prepareByteValue(config, value):
    if config.get('human', None):
        KB = value/1024.0
        if KB < 1:
            return '%d' % (value,)

        MB = KB/1024.0
        if MB < 1:
            return '%5.2fKB' % (KB,)

        GB = MB/1024.0
        if GB < 1:
            return '%5.2fMB' % (MB,)

        return '%5.2fGB' % (GB,)

    elif config.get('gigabytes', None):
        G = value/1024.0/1024.0/1024.0

        return '%5.2fGB' % (G,)

    elif config.get('megabytes', None):
        M = value/1024.0/1024.0

        return '%5.2fMB' % (M,)

    elif config.get('kilobytes', None):
        K = value/1024.0
        return '%5.2fKB' % (K,)

    return value

def getPrincipalList(principalCollection, type, disabled=False):
    typeRoot = principalCollection.child("__uids__")

    pl = []

    if typeRoot.exists():
        for child in typeRoot.listdir():
            if not child.startswith(db_prefix):
                p = typeRoot.child(child)
                ptype = getPrincipalType(p)
                if ptype == type:
                    if disabled:
                        if isPrincipalDisabled(p):

    return pl

def getDiskUsage(config, fp):
    status, output = commands.getstatusoutput(
        ' '.join(['/usr/bin/du', '-s', fp.path]))

    if status != 0:
        return 0

    return prepareByteValue(config, int(output.split()[0]))

def getPrincipalType(fp):
    rtp = "WebDAV:" + RecordTypeProperty.sname().replace("/", "%2F")
    x = xattr.xattr(fp.path)
    if not x.has_key(rtp):
        return None

    dom = microdom.parseString(_getxattr_value(x, rtp))
    rtp = microdom.getElementsByTagName(dom, 'record-type')

    return rtp[0].firstChild().value
def getResourceType(fp):
    rt = 'WebDAV:{DAV:}resourcetype'
    x = xattr.xattr(fp.path)
    if not x.has_key(rt):
        return None

    collection = False

    type = None

    dom = microdom.parseString(_getxattr_value(x, rt))
    rt = microdom.getElementsByTagName(dom, 'resourcetype')

    for child in rt[0].childNodes:
        if child.tagName == 'collection':
            collection = True
            type = child.tagName

    return (collection, type)

class EventCountingDatabase(AbstractSQLDatabase):
    def __init__(self, fp):
        super(EventCountingDatabase, self).__init__(fp.path)

    def _db_version(self):
        return schema_version

    def _db_type(self):
        return collection_types['Calendar']

    def _countType(self, type):
        return self._db_value_for_sql(
                    "SELECT COUNT(UID) FROM RESOURCE WHERE TYPE = (?)",

    def countEvents(self):
        return self._countType('VEVENT')

    def countTodos(self):
        return self._countType('VTODO')

def getCalendarDataCounts(calendarCollection):
    calCount = 0
    eventCount = 0
    todoCount = 0

    for child in calendarCollection.walk():
        if child.isdir():
            if getResourceType(child) == (True, 'calendar'):
                calCount += 1

                db = EventCountingDatabase(child.child(db_prefix+'sqlite'))

                eventCount += db.countEvents()

                todoCount += db.countTodos()

    return {'calendarCount': calCount,
            'eventCount': eventCount,
            'todoCount': todoCount}

def isPrincipalDisabled(principal):
    return False

from twisted.web2.dav.resource import TwistedQuotaRootProperty, TwistedQuotaUsedProperty

quotaRoot = "WebDAV:" + TwistedQuotaRootProperty.sname().replace("/", "%2F")
quotaUsed = "WebDAV:" + TwistedQuotaUsedProperty.sname().replace("/", "%2F")

def getQuotaRoot(fp):
    x = xattr.xattr(fp.path)
    if not x.has_key(quotaRoot):
        return None

    dom = microdom.parseString(_getxattr_value(x, quotaRoot))

    qr = microdom.getElementsByTagName(dom, 'quota-root')[0]

    return int(qr.firstChild().value)

def getQuotaUsed(fp):
    x = xattr.xattr(fp.path)
    if not x.has_key(quotaUsed):
        return None

    dom = microdom.parseString(_getxattr_value(x, quotaUsed))

    qu = microdom.getElementsByTagName(dom, 'quota-used')[0]

    return int(qu.firstChild().value)

def getQuotaStatsForPrincipal(config, principal, defaultQuota=None, depth=2):
    quotaRoot = principal

    principalQuota = getQuotaRoot(quotaRoot)

    while not principalQuota and depth > 0:
        depth -= 1
        quotaRoot = quotaRoot.parent()
        principalQuota = getQuotaRoot(quotaRoot)

    if not principalQuota:
        principalQuota = defaultQuota

    principalUsed = getQuotaUsed(principal)
    if not principalUsed:
        principalUsed = 0

    principalAvail = principalQuota - principalUsed
    principalFree = (float(principalAvail)/principalQuota)*100

    return {'quotaRoot': prepareByteValue(config, principalQuota),
            'quotaUsed': prepareByteValue(config, principalUsed),
            'quotaAvail': prepareByteValue(config, principalAvail),
            'quotaFree': principalFree}

def _getxattr_value(x, k):
    data = x[k]
        value = decompress(data)
    except zlib.error:
        # Value is not compressed; data was stored by old
        # code.  This is easy to handle, so let's keep
        # compatibility here.
        value = data
    return value

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