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# Copyright (c) 2006-2007 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
# DRI: Wilfredo Sanchez, wsanchez@apple.com

Implements a calendar user proxy principal.

__all__ = [

from cgi import escape

from twisted.internet.defer import succeed
from twisted.python import log
from twisted.python.failure import Failure
from twisted.web2 import responsecode
from twisted.web2.dav import davxml
from twisted.web2.dav.element.base import dav_namespace
from twisted.web2.dav.util import joinURL
from twisted.web2.http import HTTPError, StatusResponse

from twistedcaldav.config import config
from twistedcaldav.extensions import DAVFile, DAVPrincipalResource
from twistedcaldav.extensions import ReadOnlyWritePropertiesResourceMixIn
from twistedcaldav.resource import CalDAVComplianceMixIn
from twistedcaldav.sql import AbstractSQLDatabase
from twistedcaldav.sql import db_prefix
from twistedcaldav.static import AutoProvisioningFileMixIn

import os

class PermissionsMixIn (ReadOnlyWritePropertiesResourceMixIn):
    def defaultAccessControlList(self):
        aces = (
            # DAV:read access for authenticated users.
            # Inheritable DAV:all access for the resource's associated principal.
        # Add admins
        aces += tuple([davxml.ACE(
                 ) for principal in config.AdminPrincipals

        return davxml.ACL(*aces)

    def accessControlList(self, request, inheritance=True, expanding=False, inherited_aces=None):
        # Permissions here are fixed, and are not subject to inherritance rules, etc.
        return succeed(self.defaultAccessControlList())

00078 class CalendarUserProxyPrincipalResource (CalDAVComplianceMixIn, AutoProvisioningFileMixIn, PermissionsMixIn, DAVPrincipalResource, DAVFile):
    Calendar user proxy principal resource.

00083     def __init__(self, path, parent, proxyType):
        @param path: the path to the file which will back this resource.
        @param parent: the parent of this resource.
        @param proxyType: a C{str} containing the name of the resource.
        if self.isCollection():
            slash = "/"
            slash = ""

        url = joinURL(parent.principalURL(), proxyType) + slash

        super(CalendarUserProxyPrincipalResource, self).__init__(path, url)

        self.parent      = parent
        self.proxyType   = proxyType
        self.pcollection = self.parent.parent.parent # FIXME: if this is supposed to be public, it needs a better name
        self._url        = url

        # Not terribly useful at present because we don't have a way
        # to map a GUID back to the correct principal.
        #self.guid = uuidFromName(self.parent.principalUID(), proxyType)

        # Principal UID is parent's GUID plus the proxy type; this we
        # can easily map back to a principal.
        self.uid = "%s#%s" % (self.parent.principalUID(), proxyType)

        self._alternate_urls = tuple(
            joinURL(url, proxyType) + slash
            for url in parent.alternateURIs()
            if url.startswith("/")

        # Provision in __init__() because principals are used prior to request
        # lookups.

    def __str__(self):
        return "%s [%s]" % (self.parent, self.proxyType)

00124     def _index(self):
        Return the SQL database for this group principal.
        @return: the L{CalendarUserProxyDatabase} for the principal collection.
        # The db is located in the principal collection root
        if not hasattr(self.pcollection, "calendar_user_proxy_db"):
            setattr(self.pcollection, "calendar_user_proxy_db", CalendarUserProxyDatabase(self.pcollection.fp.path))
        return self.pcollection.calendar_user_proxy_db

    def resourceType(self):
        if self.proxyType == "calendar-proxy-read":
            return davxml.ResourceType.calendarproxyread
        elif self.proxyType == "calendar-proxy-write":
            return davxml.ResourceType.calendarproxywrite
            return super(CalendarUserProxyPrincipalResource, self).resourceType()

    def isCollection(self):
        return True

    def writeProperty(self, property, request):
        assert isinstance(property, davxml.WebDAVElement)

        if property.qname() == (dav_namespace, "group-member-set"):
            if self.hasEditableMembership():
                return self.setGroupMemberSet(property, request)
                raise HTTPError(
                        "Proxies cannot be changed."

        return super(CalendarUserProxyPrincipalResource, self).writeProperty(property, request)

    def setGroupMemberSet(self, new_members, request):
        # FIXME: as defined right now it is not possible to specify a calendar-user-proxy group as
        # a member of any other group since the directory service does not know how to lookup
        # these special resource UIDs.
        # Really, c-u-p principals should be treated the same way as any other principal, so
        # they should be allowed as members of groups.
        # This implementation now raises an exception for any principal it cannot find.

        # Break out the list into a set of URIs.
        members = [str(h) for h in new_members.children]
        # Map the URIs to principals.
        principals = []
        for uri in members:
            principal = self.pcollection._principalForURI(uri)
            # Invalid principals MUST result in an error.
            if principal is None or principal.principalURL() != uri:
                raise HTTPError(StatusResponse(
                    "Attempt to use a non-existent principal %s as a group member of %s." % (uri, self.principalURL(),)
        # Map the principals to UIDs.
        uids = [p.principalUID() for p in principals]

        self._index().setGroupMembers(self.uid, uids)
        return succeed(True)

    # HTTP

00198     def renderDirectoryBody(self, request):
        # FIXME: Too much code duplication here from principal.py

        def format_list(items, *args):
            def genlist():
                    item = None
                    for item in items:
                        yield " -> %s\n" % (item,)
                    if item is None:
                        yield " '()\n"
                except Exception, e:
                    log.err("Exception while rendering: %s" % (e,))
                    yield "  ** %s **: %s\n" % (e.__class__.__name__, e)
            return "".join(genlist())

        def link(url):
            return """<a href="%s">%s</a>""" % (url, url)

        def format_principals(principals):
            return format_list(
                """<a href="%s">%s</a>""" % (principal.principalURL(), escape(str(principal)))
                for principal in principals

        def gotSuper(output):
            return "".join((
                """<div class="directory-listing">"""
                """<h1>Principal Details</h1>"""
                """Directory Information\n"""
                """Directory GUID: %s\n"""         % (self.parent.record.service.guid,),
                """Realm: %s\n"""                  % (self.parent.record.service.realmName,),
                """Parent Principal Information\n"""
                """GUID: %s\n"""                   % (self.parent.record.guid,),
                """Record type: %s\n"""            % (self.parent.record.recordType,),
                """Short name: %s\n"""             % (self.parent.record.shortName,),
                """Full name: %s\n"""              % (self.parent.record.fullName,),
                """Principal UID: %s\n"""          % (self.parent.principalUID(),),
                """Principal URL: %s\n"""          % (link(self.parent.principalURL()),),
                """Proxy Principal Information\n"""
               #"""GUID: %s\n"""                   % (self.guid,),
                """Principal UID: %s\n"""          % (self.principalUID(),),
                """Principal URL: %s\n"""          % (link(self.principalURL()),),
                """\nAlternate URIs:\n"""          , format_list(link(u) for u in self.alternateURIs()),
                """\nGroup members (%s):\n""" % ({False:"Locked", True:"Editable"}[self.hasEditableMembership()])
                                                   , format_principals(self.groupMembers()),
                """\nGroup memberships:\n"""       , format_principals(self.groupMemberships()),

        d = super(CalendarUserProxyPrincipalResource, self).renderDirectoryBody(request)
        return d

    # DAV

00264     def displayName(self):
        return self.proxyType

    # ACL

00271     def alternateURIs(self):
        # FIXME: Add API to IDirectoryRecord for getting a record URI?
        return self._alternate_urls

    def principalURL(self):
        return self._url

    def principalUID(self):
        return self.uid

    def principalCollections(self):
        return self.parent.principalCollections()

    def _expandMemberUIDs(self, uid=None, relatives=None, uids=None):
        if uid is None:
            uid = self.principalUID()
        if relatives is None:
            relatives = set()
        if uids is None:
            uids = set()

        if uid not in uids:
            from twistedcaldav.directory.principal import DirectoryPrincipalResource
            principal = self.parent.parent.principalForUID(uid)
            if isinstance(principal, CalendarUserProxyPrincipalResource):
                for member in self._directGroupMembers():
                    if member.principalUID() not in uids:
                        self._expandMemberUIDs(member.principalUID(), relatives, uids)
            elif isinstance(principal, DirectoryPrincipalResource):

        return relatives

    def _directGroupMembers(self):
        if self.hasEditableMembership():
            # Get member UIDs from database and map to principal resources
            members = self._index().getMembers(self.uid)
            return [p for p in [self.pcollection.principalForUID(uid) for uid in members] if p]
            # Fixed proxies are only for read-write - the read-only list is empty
            if self.proxyType == "calendar-proxy-write":
                return self.parent.proxies()
                return ()

    def groupMembers(self):
        return self._expandMemberUIDs()

    def groupMemberships(self):
        # Get membership UIDs and map to principal resources
        memberships = self._index().getMemberships(self.uid)
        return [p for p in [self.pcollection.principalForUID(uid) for uid in memberships] if p]

    def hasEditableMembership(self):
        return self.parent.hasEditableProxyMembership()
00330 class CalendarUserProxyDatabase(AbstractSQLDatabase):
    A database to maintain calendar user proxy group memberships.

    Group Database:
    dbFilename = db_prefix + "calendaruserproxy"
    dbFormatVersion = "3"

    def __init__(self, path):
        path = os.path.join(path, CalendarUserProxyDatabase.dbFilename)
        super(CalendarUserProxyDatabase, self).__init__(path)

00350     def setGroupMembers(self, principalUID, members):
        Add a group membership record.
        @param principalUID: the UID of the group principal to add.
        @param members: a list UIDs of principals that are members of this group.
        # Remove what is there, then add it back.
        self._add_to_db(principalUID, members)

00363     def removeGroup(self, principalUID):
        Remove a group membership record.
        @param principalUID: the UID of the group principal to remove.
00372     def getMembers(self, principalUID):
        Return the list of group member UIDs for the specified principal.
        members = set()
        for row in self._db_execute("select MEMBER from GROUPS where GROUPNAME = :1", principalUID):
        return members
00381     def getMemberships(self, principalUID):
        Return the list of group principal UIDs the specified principal is a member of.
        members = set()
        for row in self._db_execute("select GROUPNAME from GROUPS where MEMBER = :1", principalUID):
        return members

00390     def _add_to_db(self, principalUID, members):
        Insert the specified entry into the database.

        @param principalUID: the UID of the group principal to add.
        @param members: a list of UIDs or principals that are members of this group.
        for member in members:
                insert into GROUPS (GROUPNAME, MEMBER)
                values (:1, :2)
                """, principalUID, member
00405     def _delete_from_db(self, principalUID):
        Deletes the specified entry from the database.

        @param principalUID: the UID of the group principal to remove.
        self._db_execute("delete from GROUPS where GROUPNAME = :1", principalUID)
00413     def _db_version(self):
        @return: the schema version assigned to this index.
        return CalendarUserProxyDatabase.dbFormatVersion
00419     def _db_type(self):
        @return: the collection type assigned to this index.
        return CalendarUserProxyDatabase.dbType
00425     def _db_init_data_tables(self, q):
        Initialise the underlying database tables.
        @param q:           a database cursor to use.

        # GROUPS table
            create table GROUPS (
                GROUPNAME   text,
                MEMBER      text

# Utilities

authReadACL = davxml.ACL(
    # Read access for authenticated users.

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