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twistedcaldav::ical::Component Class Reference

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Detailed Description

X{iCalendar} component.

Definition at line 161 of file ical.py.

Public Member Functions

def __eq__
def __hash__
def __init__
def __ne__
def __repr__
def __str__
def accessLevel
def addComponent
def addProperty
def duplicate
def expand
def expandComponent
def expandSetTimeRanges
def expandTimeRanges
def fromIStream
def fromStream
def fromString
def getAttendeeProperties
def getAttendeeProperty
def getAttendees
def getDueDateUTC
def getEndDateUTC
def getMaskUID
def getOrganizer
def getOrganizerProperty
def getProperty
def getRange
def getRecurrenceIDUTC
def getRRuleSet
def getStartDateUTC
def getTriggerDetails
def gettzinfo
def hasProperty
def isValidITIP
def isValidMethod
 iTIP stuff
def mainComponent
def mainType
def masterComponent
def name
def overriddenComponent
def properties
def propertyNativeValue
def propertyValue
def removeComponent
def removeProperty
def resourceType
def resourceUID
def same
def setBehavior
def subcomponents
def timezoneIDs
def transformAllFromNative
def transformAllToNative
def validateComponentsForCalDAV
def validateForCalDAV
def validCalendarForCalDAV

Static Public Attributes

dictionary accessMap
dictionary confidentialPropertiesMap
tuple extraRestrictedProperties = ("SUMMARY", "LOCATION",)

Private Attributes


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